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Representatives: Job Descriptions Empty Representatives: Job Descriptions

Post by (MI6) lolpierandom on Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:47 pm

They are the voices of the FFCA. They are responsible for Wall's O' Text that decribe the action sthe FFCA are taking. They are also responsible for some Public Relations actions for the FFCA.

They are our presence in the Nexon NA forums. They will make drafts, revise them together, and finish them, to hand over to Ambassadors, or for ourselves to post on the NA forums. They will start all official threads in the Nexon forums, and only we can post a FFCA thread there. Other people can participate in the threads, but never actually speak for the FFCA themselves unless directed to. They must keep an open mind, and keep a calm state of mind when addressing the community.

What they do:

  1. We make drafts, revise them with the help of everyone in FFCA, and either post them or give them to other reps/ambassadors.
  2. We start all official FFCA threads in the Nexon NA forums
  3. Improve/Maintain relations between the Nexon CA community and the FFCA.
By accepting this mission, should you choose to accept, you will posses:

  1. The title of "Representative" within the FFCA forums, denoted by a bolded dark-blue name.
  2. The ability to create threads within the "Official FFCA Statements" portion of the forums.
  3. The ability to tell other FFCA members individually to stand down within FFCA threads on the Nexon forums.
These are the grounds of dishonorable discharge:

  1. You lash out towards the community upon the official FFCA threads on the Nexon Community.
  2. You fail to present your official posts on these forums for revision before hand.
  3. Your ego grows beyond solutions provided by modern medicine.

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