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Post by Hazarath on Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:36 am


I need to add a few rules:
Add SPR to Enalis level.

In the video, you must press tab at least once so that we can see what server you are playing in.

CL1&under 1.0 k/dr server= -5k NX penalty
CL2 server= no effect
CL3 server, Black Market, Kilo, Tango, pro servers = +5k NX reward

If you use a weapon that is not on the list, the kills you get with it are invalid. i.e. If you get an unb. ++++, but 2 of the kills were with a M416, then that's 2 kills taken off your accolade score, meaning you only have an unb. ++, therefore you don't make it.

Any grenade kills you get also do not count.

If you use a weapon from Enalis level and moderately hard level in your video, depending on which you use more, you could possibly get the pro level reward or perhaps even the moderately hard level reward.

It is encouraged that you use multiple weapons on the list. Hint: To get a guaranteed Enalis level reward, try to create a setup using ONLY the weapons in that list!

If you're using a gun someone else already got rewarded for, you have to beat his score! i.e. if someone is also using a double barrel, and he managed an unb. +++++ with it, you have to get an unb. ++++++.

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