Ambassadors Roles

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Ambassadors Roles

Post by (MI6) lolpierandom on Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:37 pm


You represent the FFCA in your respective game, BR, EU, KR, etc. You will take drafts made by Representatives, and present them to that community. You will be calm, and share many characteristics with Representatives.

Ambassadors are representatives to foreign CA's. You will have a green name, and represent your community in these FFCA forums, and represent the FFCA in your community.

By accepting this mission, should you choose to accept, you will posses:

The ability to create threads within the "Ambassadors Report" section.
The ability to tell other FFCA members individually to stand down within FFCA threads on your respective Nexon forums.

These are the grounds of dishonorable discharge:

You lash out towards the community upon the official FFCA threads on the Nexon Community.
You fail to present your official posts on these forums for revision before hand.
Your ego grows beyond solutions provided by modern medicine.


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