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FFCA Plan of Execution Empty FFCA Plan of Execution

Post by Hazarath on Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:43 am

We need to brainstorm ideas in this thread for how to get our ideas and our support from the recruitment drive to Nexon.

FAAT offers many ideas, but it clearly WAS NOT enough. Although FAAT succeeded, it took them 2 months.

We need to do better than FAAT by at least 1.5 months.

Including the rallying tactics by FAAT, we can try youtube videos, hosting rooms where we tell players tired of being killed by specs or something to join FFCA, have megaphones advertising what FFCA is doing, hopefully getting Nexon's notice, SPAM(by spam, I mean every member posts once on the thread w/ copypasta) STATE-OF-ADDRESSES BY GENERAL G with what we're trying to do. Everyone uniformly copy and pastes a final draft of what FFCA and its supporters want.

For spamming tickets, to show that we have the number of supporters, we need to include a screenshot circling(in red) our number of supporters, which is number of accounts registered.

If needed, we need to make a thread listing all our citizens, reps, etc.

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