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Post by Hazarath on Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:28 pm

My personal opinion on vests is that 25% speed is fine as long as they have the armor reduction for it.

imo Cyclops Bandana needs to be given a disadvantage, so does ANY facegear that gives speed, which when combined, gets you +10% speed without any armor reduction.
+5% should be the max amount of unpenalized speed advantage headgear and facegear should give. Anything over that makes light vest useless.

I thought about drastic sprint reduction, but tbh, that's not enough.

Not sure what it should be though. Armor reduction on a headgear would be a tad bit unrealistic imo... But if that's what must be done, so be it.

As for heavy vests, I say add 15% protection to all of them at least >Surprised

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Vests. Empty Re: Vests.

Post by mrfarhan on Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:11 am

I have a problem with people with +25 speed.
1. I get latency problems, due to my awesomely high ping.
2. Players movements in CA are not smooth. They're very jerky. This makes people with a lot of speedgear difficult to hit.
3. what you said, speedgear [other than vests] don't have armour reduction.

Also, recon vests have +15 speed with - 10 armour while light vests ahave +10 speed - 10 reduction. I know NX gear has to be better than their GP counterparts for Nexon to get sales off them but +5 is a huge boost in terms of speed. At least add a tiny armour reduction increase or something to balance it out -.-

or make Light Vests +10 speed - 7 armour.
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Vests. Empty Re: Vests.

Post by AppleJax on Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:46 pm

Well, the only partly realistic thing I can think of is to make their head hitboxes bigger. Remember the pumpkin? That was just huge, nametag peaking was basically zero for when it was abundant. We could change the sprite of it, to make it a bit bigger, while also increasing it's hitbox drastically. If, say, the hitbox was 2x as big, I wouldn't want it. Sure, people would still buy it, but it would be much less useful.

I was also thinking along the lines that when you have it, every 30 seconds to 5 minutes(open for debate) it would "fall down" and partially obscure your sight... EDIT: could also happen for helmets, just less frequently.
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Vests. Empty Re: Vests.

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